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Critical Readings For Separation and Divorce

Separation and Divorce Considering ending your marriage? Going through a divorce? Let us know!

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Bumped up to re-open to posting for further readings pertaining to Separation and Divorce.

Remember, if linking externally, if I see something for sale on the page the link goes to, bye-bye post and hello moderation. Our guidelines regarding advertising are crystal clear. When in doubt, use Google search terms. Thanks!
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Narcissism According to Dr. Sam Vaknin

NARCISSISM: According to Dr. Sam Vaknin

Are you dealing with a Narcissist? A relationship wirh a Narcissist can start out like a fantasy, and end up becoming totally crazy-making and abusive. FIND OUT.

Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of "Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited," has devoted himself to producing many, many U-Tube Videos that break-down the very complicated issues in his book, point by point. It took me over two years to digest this $75 book; , I find the videos much more understandable.

1. Dance Macbre, Dr. Sam Vaknin. This is an On-Line Series that you will have to look up yourself, due to advertising that is against LS policy. The site is laid out very nicely, and has many of Dr. Vaknan's U-Tube videos listed in a precise order for educational purposes.

2. Warning Signs of an Abuser:

3. The Abuser's Mind:

4. The Signs of the Narcissist:

5. Faces of Narcissist's Aggression:

6. Typical Narcissist's Spouse:

7. Narcissist Grooms Vulnerable Sources of Narcissistic Supply: Exploits Tr...:

8. How to Abandon a Narcissist and Move On:

9. Victim of Narcissist: Move On!:

10. Why Victims of Narcissists Can't Let Go the Narcissist?:

11. Can Narcissists Truly Love?:

12. Giving Narcissist Second Chance:

There are many other authors and articles on this topic. Please research this area of research if it hits a tender nerve. Good luck. Yas
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Basic Definitions:

Narcissism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Other Interesting Sources of Information

1. "I, Psychopath." Interestingly enough, a U-Tube documentary on self-diagnosed Narcissist, Sam Vaknin, (created by Jesusmalaark11). Yes, this is the author of "Malignant Self Love," same person that presented the informative U-Tube videos on Narcissism in the above post. Oddly, this lone researcher plays the Narcissist game with the U-Tube film-maker, and the medical professionals that both Vaknin and his second wife submit themselves to for psychological and brain activity analysis.

2. An outstanding series of real life articles on multiple dimensions of the relationship dynamics of being married to and divorcing a Narcissist. I cannot post an actual link to this site due to advertising on the site (which would violate LS policy).
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Narcissism U-Tubes by "bgood4000"

This is a set of animated U-Tubes by "bgood4000" on the topic of Narcissism. While they are a bit mechanical, there is good information without all the technical jargon. And there is no advertisement, so it is possible to provide the direct links herein. There are more where these came from. Enjoy.

See Through People - Psychopaths Narcissists:



Problem, Reaction, Solution - Narcissist tricks:

Narcissist end goal:
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