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My sister has been sleeping with my sons father

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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Old 25th February 2019, 7:31 PM   #1
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My sister has been sleeping with my sons father

Ok so where do i start. My babydaddy and were on and off since 2012. But now its completely done because he has confessed to me that he and my sister have been together this whole time while he was with me all under my nose and everyone else confirms that they see them together all the time whenever I'm not around, they are together and I'm just so baffled by all of this.

I have confronted my sister and all she does is deny it and I'm so hurt by all this because i know shes lying in my face! I don't understand how she could be watching me go through it with him, have a baby with him, and still secretly sleeping with him the whole time! They have hid it it from me.

Around last year i confronted her about this and she still wouldn't confess so i hit her with a bat broke her arm but didn't fully beat her up like i want to so bad. She went to the police, filed a restraining order against me and since im on probation, they took me to jail! For aggravated assault she purposely wanted for me to be out of the way to continue to mess around with him and be with him without me going crazy about it!

I was in agony with this pain and betrayal and shock in jail with no bail! While they were just enjoying themselves and pretty much laughing at me this whole time i was just a joke! At one point i was so in love wit this man but he was cheating on me with my nasty ass sister the whole time and i have a 6 year old son by him!

I eventually got out of jail bit took a deal to extend my probation, get on a gps ankle monitor because i was “dangerous” to be around her or my mothers which is where her and i stayed. So i was ordered to complete a residential transitional facility for one year.

I have been here for 7 months but completely cut everyone off and isolated myself because i just felt so violated and hurt and betrayed and sick to my stomach to just know that they are having sex while i had to go to jail ad program and just picturing this hurts me so bad there's not enough time to stop this hurt i still am o hurt no mater how much i block this and try to do me i had no choice yo not come around so she completely got her wish to have me stay away. I'm with my son and he has even told me he sees his daddy touch auntie all the time! Hes only 6 and i don't even know if he understands that this is wrong and he should not be touching her!! That is my sister and his dad!

I am almost done with this facility i have around 6 more months to go but i don't know how i would handle myself ever bumping into them together like nothing! Im filled with so much anger that when i see her i want to beat her to a pulp !!!

I hate him and i just wish he would die but im so hurt more by how she really did me and continues to keep doing me so dirty please anyone give me advice because i want to move on from this so bad i cant believe this is even happening to me! I keep asking why why why would she do this to me but i will never know the answer because she just lies and denies and sends me to jail for me rightfully hitting her which she deserves so much more then that!!!! I just honestly feel that they are winning and this just HURTS SO BAD

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Old 25th February 2019, 8:50 PM   #2
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I'm sorry you're hurting.

If you're not already, get into an anger management program to learn to deal with the understandable anger you feel.

Neither your sister nor your child's father are worth losing your freedom and dignity over. Focus on your child and being a mom he can be proud of and can depend upon to be there for him. Be very grateful that you have your son and don't risk being kept away from him.

They aren't winning anything unless you let them keep you down. Neither of them are loyal or trustworthy - they'll end up screwing each other over at some point, if they haven't already.
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Old 25th February 2019, 11:46 PM   #3
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Thank u so much that really hits home im forever grateful u are so right thank u for understanding me
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Old 26th February 2019, 9:22 AM   #4
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As a man I can tell you that sons need their mother to be there for them. The most traumatic events I remember from childhood always included believing that my mother was upset for any reason.

Focus on your son and less on your sister and the father. Your son is your bigger purpose and reason for trying your best to heal the pain and anger. You can do it. I agree that anger management can help. Sometimes it's a single thought that sets off a chain of thoughts and actions that take us in the wrong direction. I wish you the best.
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Old 27th February 2019, 1:32 AM   #5
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I am sorry you are in this horrible position. You cannot control the two of them. You can only control your reaction to them. Your son is your priority now. Do whatever you need to do to be there for him. You may need to completely cut the other two out of your life and have a third party arrange visitation with him so you don't even have to see him.

Back in October, my oldest daughter was seeing a guy for about two weeks. He dropped her and started seeing my youngest daughter. When I found out, I was furious and insisted she stop immediately. She did not. Then I told her either she comes clean with her sister, or I tell her. I am the one who told her. They did not speak for over two months. In December, the oldest called the youngest and said "I hate what you did and I don't want you with him but I do want you in my life." Now they see each other again. They refer to him as "Voldemort" (he who shall not be named.) The youngest is still seeing him (much to my chagrin - we are just waiting for that relationship to fail.)

What happened to you was much more egregious. This was the father of your child with whom you had a long term relationship. I do hope your sister sees the err in her ways and chooses you over him (which is what we're waiting for my youngest to do...) My heart still breaks that this happened between them. Know this - you deserve better than that father of your child. That's for sure! Don't do anything in the future that takes you away from your child anymore. Best of luck.
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