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Trying to cope

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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Trying to cope

It really is the pits having to had with stood so much torment from the men I had the unfortunate chance of meeting in my early 20's. I don't think most young women or even young people in general are equipped to deal with such violent gangs. It's stuff you see on TV and you never think it will happen to you. I don't like that I was put in this position without my consent or without their concern for what they were doing to my family and I. So now I have to re-live the nightmare every day all because I had to cross paths with a bunch of guys who have no conscience about creating an atmosphere of violence around women and drug trafficking and stealing from their fellow citizens. I know that nobody deserves to be subjected to this type of violent behavior without consequences and that unless a person is trying to physically harm you, no one has it coming-especially not elderly people and young girls, some of whom were still in high school. These were sweet young women who were just out having fun with friends and meeting boys. Every high school age kid I've ever met was experimenting and not saying it's ok, but the cruel and unusual method of torturing girls who never had detention in school, no criminal records, no exposure to men who would get them intoxicated, screw them, use their money and homes, rob them, steal their vehicles and then set them up to get busted with large quantities of drugs, is just malicious intent and for the life of me I will never understand how so many men on the force would allow for this type of idiotic mindset to destroy young people's lives whose only crime was thinking they were in a safe environment with friends who were also partying. Friends protect and look out for one another. And while partying is not something you want your kid doing, it happens. But what happened here was atrocities and crimes against women and the elderly that were so planned and executed as to alienate these girls from family and friends by affiliating them with mass amounts of drugs and gangs. And then putting them down and not aiding them when they want to leave the situation. They would feed these girls drugs, a screw them, abuse and use them, and then arrest them! None of the men involved were ever prosecuted for drug possession or dealing and did any time for it. But every woman to this day is in prison, dead, or on the streets with addictions so bad that they can't escape. All these women gave up on having their life back. My heart bleeds for what has happened to us. I don't want to have to live with this and to spend my life trying to get attention to the corrupt police department in Corpus Christi Texas and the feds and other corrupt agencies down here that are the ones drug trafficking and sex trafficking with biker and ethnic gangs. It's not even cartels here in South Texas. It's white Nazi wannabes and biker gangs pretending they are anything but lawbreakers just because they have an office and a badge. Don't vacation here, don't bring your daughter's here ever! Now I have to live with this and suffer the destruction they intentionally caused my family and I. My grandparents are dead and I will never get that time back with them, my house was seized because of an investigation but nobody was ever arrested or served paperwork on this-it was a bogus claim and I was young and scared and walked away because they said they would throw me out of my house or arrest me. I've never sold a drug to anyone in my life and wouldn't. I'm not that stupid and I care about ruining people's lives. I want my fiance body exhumed because a man at his funeral came and told me how he lit a joint on way to work and fainted. My fiance had told me before he died how he and co-workers would go down into Mexico when they had to go to Brownsville for work and buy chemicals andwere making their own legal weed in Corpus Christi. That stuff kills people! The worst part is that I think my fiance worked with one of the men who set me up in my 20s. But nothing was ever said to me about it while he was alive. I happened to see that man on the company's website after words. It disturbed me because I know how dangerous that man is if he could set up a 20 year old kid like me to try and do 10 years or more for drugs that weren't mine. I have to deal with this now. On my own. Everyone else gave up but I can't do that. I want those women and elderly to know that they didn't deserve this to happen and that if they did then those men and their wives and kids and families deserve the same end to their lives that we got.
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Go and look at the responses to your post in the 'Abuse' sub-forum, that you received from preraph, who spent considerable interest, time, Energy and effort to do research to try to help you.

At very least, you could be acknowledging the efforts; at most, call those people in preraph's posts, and start taking concrete, positive steps to help yourself get out of your situation.

Yes, this community is also about supporting you by listening, but that does not take the place of the responsibility that you have to yourself.

Wishing you the very best.
"Good or benign intentions do not provide a defence." ~ Tony Wong, Reporter
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