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How to be single ?

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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Old 9th November 2017, 5:05 PM   #16
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Are you introverted or extroverted?

If you are extroverted - now is your time to catch up with all the friends and parties and outings that you like without anyone keeping tabs on you. I can't tell more here because I'm a dead set introvert so this is just observational comment

If you are introverted: just imagine all the time that you'd have without having to deal with someone else's needs and demands, all the time that you'd have to introspect and develop. I'd wasted most of the past 5 years in relationships and now I'm thriving to be single Maybe not forever - but right now, it feels so good. My main 'gain' of this year of singlehood was that I bought and arranged my dream home. I'm happy every night when I get back in the space that I put all my love in to make it feel home. Oh, and all the little random 'dates' with myself - I'd wake up before sunrise, slip some clothes on and bike to the nearby forest to enjoy the woods, water and birds.

Being single feels bad only if you feel 'trapped' in this state. I personally don't doubt that I can transition easily to coupled situation whenever it feels right. That helps tremendously in the moments I'm doubting my current choice (this summer I started the dating carousel and met 2 men. One was a no go, the other transitioned into the loveliest non-romantic situation that I've been at - you don't need to be 'coupled' to experience joys with other people, don't forget that).

Originally Posted by toomanyquestions123 View Post
As research suggests many people are happier single & since i really think that i should be single for a little bit of time now since i stayed the first 7 years of my 20s dating and/or getting engaged, I really need to learn how to be single. And not only that, I want to enjoy being single, i want to drive back home thinking about how happy i am being single well u know until i meet the right one. I want to do all the things that i cant do when i am in a relationship.

Share here the best moments of being single & how can you make the best out of it.
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Old 10th November 2017, 1:38 AM   #17
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I am both introvert & extrovert, but I am more introvert. I love the space that you built and how you wake up on the sunrise for a bike ride. Thats awesome i think !

As for me I did a bucket list that i contains a lot on interesting stuff to do, i want to go to at least once per to an exhibition or cultural gallery, try a new restaurant at least once per week, I want to finish my masters this semester, and i want to stay fit.

Being single used to freak me out, i always thought that i cant have fun unless im in a relationship and thats a myth. I wanna self improve myself, i want to enjoy myself, I want to do all the things on my bucket list and i want to be ready for the next relationship knowing that i have learned a lot from my past ones.
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Old 10th November 2017, 1:39 AM   #18
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Tonight i will go to a new club and party like there is no tomorrow :P i didnt party in a while now and i dont mind it from time to time...
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