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Daily method...

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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Daily method...

I've had a to do list of things I've wanted to achieve for some time. Something that's stretched to being undone 3 years later. My life's taken a turn (I should say I was the one who "took that turn") for the worse...

I felt like I'm carrying around all this weight, what it was I realize now is the emotional scar I carry around. Like peeling off my skin to "free myself".

I realize I'm talking in slightly abstract terms - maybe better not to get into specifics, but I hope anyone reading this can relate. So anyways, here I am sharing this with anyone who cares.

I feel that by putting some of these thoughts down in writing it'll help clear the cobwebs and push me to commit to a "daily method"... consisting of exercise (yoga, martial arts), creative work (writing) & diet (veggies etc.). And not to forget, a daily dose of social interaction (I work at home).

So my plan is to exercise as if I was planning to run a marathon in 3 months. Being an artist myself (at least I hope I am) I picked up this useful idea from author Haruki Murakami. He runs like marathon length runs, which is vital to keep his body's stamina as he dives into 6 months or years worth of writing a novel.

Martial arts was something I picked up maybe 7 years back now, starting with Wing Chun. The form was important to me to learn first off, but later I found that style of expression though didn't didn't agree with my body. So I moved on to Kickboxing, which although "crude" in comparison, it felt more natural to me, kind of like dancing. The core principles though from Wing Chun was so vital, I recommend anyone serious about martial arts - to go through Wing Chun first to at least burn some of the principles and techniques into your psyche (or muscle-memory) before moving onto something more free-flowing like kickboxing.

I'm going to blabber on some more about martial arts here - bare with me, I'm almost done. Anyways, kickboxing is more for sports, not real self-defence. So then comes Krav Maga. Krav Maga is actually a combination of Wing Chun and Kickboxing. Krav Maga is a no-nonsense fighting technique honed for the streets. So anyways, my plan now is to to keep up with this Krav Maga.

Yoga is another one. If you've got blocked emotions, etc. Yoga is essential. Depending on the moves you do, it can help release tension in your body. And believe me, if you're depressed, or stressed, Yoga will show you how much of that crap you actually keep inside (and eating you). I can see why women would gravitate more naturally than men towards Yoga, but don't let the funny poses deter you from this age-old wisdom.

Onto my Diet. I used to do like hardcore diet green-alkaline diet. But if you're not careful you'd be missing out from some important proteins much needed for your body. The thing is your body needs different sources of protein, that you can't get from soy alone. So I substitute that for charcoaled chicken and fish. I still smoke now and again, but it's only like 1-2 cigarettes a day (used to be 10-18 cigs a days). My advice is not to go to extremes. Although I should say that during my 3 days of detox period, my mind was so much clearer and I could concentrate a hell of a lot better (3 times better). I was diagnosed with ADD.

The understanding behind the alkaline diet is that, your body's natural (optimal) PH is slightly alkaline. So if you keep eating fried stuffs, or drink coca-cola, you're draining most of you're body's energy into processing the food you eat. With an alkaline diet like vegetables etc, you allow your body to restore its vitality. So it's able to handle stress etc. If you're depressed, a more alkaline diet will be one of the most important building blocks in your struggle to restore balance in your life.

So now the creative part. I'm a screenwriter - and personal artistic expressions can really take a toll on you. I'd argue that some of the great works of art were actually not meant to be shared with the rest of the world. I believe this is the real dilemma for artists. American playwright Eugene O'Neil for example didn't release his last few (and most important) plays to the public until after his death.

There's been some wonderful books on the artistic plight:
"The Artistic Way" by Julia Cameron
"Art & Fear" by David Bayles
"War of Art" by Steven Pressfield.

I saw some videos online of the authors of these books, and except for Steven Pressfield, the authors Julia and David look kind of like they're ****ed-up in the head. So just a cautionary to anyone with an artistic drive. It can be a really beautiful thing, to realize your artistic desire. But releasing it to the world can be akin to suicide.

I guess that's my story, and I hope to share this bit of wisdom with anyone who cares. I was too stubborn to learn this and now 8 years of my life has left me a barren field, filled regrets. I can't even begin to express how sorry I am.

I'm an optimist though, and life does go on. So I've turned my studies from artists in the movie business to the craftsmen of the business. And realized that I could still turn my artistic ability to writing scripts about true life events.

I still feel the need to write stories. But I realize it's stupid to cling your whole identity to your works. So my 2 cents here I guess, is to find a balance between working on something you deeply care about with the other facets of life. They should ideally nurture one another.

That's it...

P.S -

I've read a lot of useful books, and stored some tips that I think would also be useful to anyone who's going through some **** in their own lives... I'll start with some recommendations :

Anthony Robbins Personal Power II (audiobook)

Chronic Fatigue by Deepak Chopra

The Day that Turns You Life Around by Jim Rohn [random musings, but lots of great nuggets]

Who Moved My Cheese

Mastery by Robert Greene

As A Man Thinketh

7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee
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That sounds like a solid plan. I wish I had mine all worked out like that. I have been meaning to take up meditation, but life keeps getting in the way. But the truth is that I think I just need to better organize my schedule and stick to my plan and just do it.
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Have you tried meditating like either just before you sleep - or right after you wake up?

Btw, I couldn't help myself but this might interest you:
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Thank you for posting that. I started reading it and itís very insightful and concise. Iím going to work my way through it.
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