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No Contact Support Thread [Post here instead of contacting your ex]

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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Old 20th November 2015, 7:09 PM   #31
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Today is day 14 of my lame NC. It is lame because we work together and have to interact sometimes. The past few days I had this obsessive desire to send him the "i miss you" text. Every night, I'm battling with myself, today I even picked up the phone and almost did it, but stopped. God, it's like quitting smoking. You sit there and you bargain with yourself: one last time, just this one time I'm gonna do it and then I'm done. F***ing addiction. Today is also hard because lately he made some movements which I don't know how to interpret: he changed his background pic on FB to the one I took during our vacation abroad. He complimented me on my shoes after seeing me at work. He reached out twice and went out of his way to come talk to me at work about work-related issues. I'm such an overanalyzer. I guess these "movements" made me think maybe he misses me. Last night I had a very vivid dream about him. We were hugging and saying our goodbyes, I was crying and I knew in my dream that I would never see him again...

So I'm here now, sitting and typing this instead of typing "I really miss you a lot". I just keep telling myself that he knows how much I miss him, he knows I care about him.
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Old 21st November 2015, 1:08 AM   #32
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Man, where do I even being? It's been about a month and a half I think since you dropped me for him and 17 days since we last spoke.

Honestly I should hate and despise you for just throwing me away like a cigarette butt and instantly replacing me with the "He's just a friend" guy. I loved you with all my heart and you couldn't even find it in your self to try and fix things between us, you just jumped from one branch to another. You made me feel like ****, you made me feel unwanted, you made me feel like I am nothing. Yet, I still find myself sitting here wanting you back, still in love with you. I guess spending two and a half years together meant a hell of a lot more to me than it did to you.

I have no trust in you anymore but I still find myself in a position to take you back if you ever did come back and I don't understand why. I should hate you with ever fiber of my being but yet I still ****ing love you.
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Old 22nd November 2015, 12:45 AM   #33
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I don't even have the option of contacting you anymore, on ANY pretext. Your wedding pix went up on Facebook on Wednesday, and for perhaps the first time since I was six years old, I sobbed to my Mommy. I phoned her and woke her up, and forwarded the pictures along, and sobbed in giant chest heaves until I could not breathe.

Why did you marry the first guy that came along? Why did you give up all hope on me? Was my credibility so destroyed with you? Were you so emotionally neutralized that you could replace me like a Lego block?

I am walking in a nuclear winter, and my friends are growing weary of my inability to exit this depression. I drink way, way, too much. There is no reconciliation scenario. There is no undoing what's done. Your final emails insisting we could be "very good friends" are a profound insult to my dignity and feel like icepicks in my heart.
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Old 22nd November 2015, 1:01 AM   #34
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I miss talking to you....

Today has been a really hard day without you here. I miss talking to you most of all. The conversations we would have, our 5 or 6 phone calls a day to each other and watching silly videos as we laid in bed. After 7 and a half years for us to still be best friends was great. You were the person I wanted to talk to each morning and the last person in the evenings.

I thought you felt the same but it was a shock when I came home and you were gone. Quit your job and moved 1200 miles away. You changed your number, you are not on any social media and I have no way to contact you at all. I don't even have anything bad to focus on, I have no arguments to blame, I have no fighting to blame, you never gave any indication you were unhappy. You even offered to warm up my car the morning you left. You just left without a note, goodbye or nothing.

I miss the sound of your voice......
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Old 22nd November 2015, 6:30 PM   #35
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I don't believe in coincidences, nor do I believe in fate. Which is probably why I probably had a look of shock on my face when I nipped to the local shop, walked round the corner to join the queue and ended up face-to-face with you. You didn't bat an eyelid at me staring at you in shock, you had a blank expression on your face, your eyes didn't reveal anything. You merely nodded, but I turned and walked away so I didn't see anything else.

I was in a good mood S, I was thinking about J, the girl who I'm seeing atm and I had just finished training and needed to grab a couple of things. I saw you and my whole world closed in on me, I had to go to the other side of the shop to calm down and wait until you were a big distance away from me.

It took me 20 minutes for my heart to stop racing, I should be feeling this about J not you. I want my full attention to be on J, a girl who likes me romantically, not on you as you rejected me.

I saw you for a few seconds, it felt like 5 minutes. Some part of me wanted you to stop and say something, I don't know why as I don't think it would have made any difference.
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Old 22nd November 2015, 7:39 PM   #36
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I see you're still on your path of destruction, getting into a new rebound relationship almost every month, what is it now, 3 guys already and you only broke up with me in July. :l mao::lma o:

Absolutely hilarious. Calm the **** down woman.
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Old 23rd November 2015, 5:02 AM   #37
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2 weeks into NC, I broke it by sending you a text message yesterday.

I asked you not to contact me anymore before as I needed time and space to heal. I got the urge to talk to you everyday but I somehow managed not to, though feeling absolutely crappy.

Yesterday, my heart was pounding extremely fast when I sent you that message and you replied 'hi' hours later.

We actually had a decent conversation; I said If it's not too awkward I wanted us to be friends again and you agreed.

I ended the conversation by saying it's been great talking to you and we shall talk soon.

I felt sick this morning... couldn't drag myself out of the bed. I felt like I've committed a sin.

I read something funny on the internet just now and I forwarded it to you just like what we usually did.

I don't think I can talk to you for awhile now cause it's making me feeling really ****ty.
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Old 23rd November 2015, 6:14 AM   #38
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Your final emails said you would "never forget" our times together and that you "love me forever."

Well, you don't get that privilege. Forget me. Forget me in your thoughts as quickly as your behavior has demonstrated.

You don't deserve these memories, you betrayer.

I wish I had never met you in the first place, and I will forget you if it takes my entire spirit.

I am not some bauble to keep on your dresser. I was going to be your life partner. I'm no keepsake for you to wistfully invoke while you put on your makeup. Forget me, delete me, and never tread in my consciousness again.
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Old 23rd November 2015, 11:19 AM   #39
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I can't believe how well you played me. You kept playing me, and I had the smug that I am not falling for you. I was always worried that if this relationship does not reach the logical outcome you will get hurt, and I was telling myself there is no way I can hurt you. Little did I realise that you blindsided me and hurt me in the worst possible way.

Why did you do this to me ? why me ? there are many guys in the world and you picked me for this ? I can't believe how cold hearted and brutal you turned out to be. Remember how did I treat you in the good and bad times and how are you behaving ?
sometimes all this seems to be illusion. I still can't believe that you could be this person, you could be the one to cheat, to lie, to hurt and to turn brutal. How could I trust you, how I was so foolish.
While I am hurting here you are enjoying with your new partner. How unfair.
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Old 24th November 2015, 11:34 AM   #40
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Seeing you 2 days ago is still bothering me. Unrequited love really sucks.
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Old 24th November 2015, 5:53 PM   #41
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Please tell me this is not true. Please say there is a wormhole I can step through and emerge a year earlier, when you didn't go away and marry someone I think you may have never met until five months earlier.

I was the biggest fool in the world. You tried to warn me. We had communication problems.

When did you stop believing? When did you fall out of love?

The answers are dust in the wind now. There is no point to thinking about you, or us-- and yet it is all I can do. I am a shell of a human; a walking, reminiscing zombie.
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Old 25th November 2015, 6:49 AM   #42
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I was doing really well all day until I started watching the Office. Jim said "I love being able to look up from my desk and see my wife looking back at me".

I remember all of those times we both suddenly just looked at each other from across class, and stared into each others eyes for what seemed like hours.

I then listened to a song we used to play together on guitar and cello. I thought of it because the last time we talked you told me it made you "ball your eyes out" since we weren't together anymore. I just started actually paying attention to the lyrics. It's a song about a girl who can't think of why she left her boyfriend and just wants him to call. It was like watching something scary. I just couldn't turn away and for some reason I listened to the whole thing. All day I had felt like "Haha jokes on her, biggest mistake of her life" and now I feel terrible for you and just want to help.

That was always my instinct in our relationship. You could't manage your feelings, so I took your feelings on for you. And after our breakup, I'm still doing that for you. I feel sad for you sometimes, and I rarely feel sad for myself. Even when I flirt with other girls, I feel guilty because I know you'd be jealous.

We had a lot of great times in our relationships, but also we fought a ton during all of those times. We even fought during sex. I should have broken it off sooner. I was so depressed being with you. I hated waking up to your good morning texts that I didn't want to answer. I'm glad you pulled the plug, because I've been a much better person already, and I'm so excited to see my future. I should have done it, but I guess I was just insecure, because I didn't ever consider my own happiness into the equation of our relationship.

It feels so good to be away from that toxicity, but man, times like right now, I just want to tell you that I love you and hold you in my arms. But you know what I'm going to think about instead? My future girlfriend, how I will have someone to do that with in the future.
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Old 25th November 2015, 10:39 AM   #43
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All of a sudden I started to feel horrible at work so going home to sleep. It is so unfair. You are enjoying with your new bf and I am crying for you. I can't believe it is one month and you haven't even thought once of me. How can you breakup over a text message. Why did we ever meet. Why did you do this to me. Why this happened to me again. I can't take this pain anymore.
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Old 25th November 2015, 8:52 PM   #44
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God, you do not understand how happy I am, I got a unconditional offer from one of the uni's I really did want to go to and honestly i'm going to it no matter what happens, honestly i'm so ****ing happy without you.

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Old 30th November 2015, 9:02 AM   #45
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Originally Posted by Harradin View Post
Seeing you 2 days ago is still bothering me. Unrequited love really sucks.
I understand completely. I saw my dumper ex girlfriend for the first time in 2 years on Thanksgiving Day. I was walking with my new love and she was driving, but we acknowledged each other. I reckon it was harder on her because she's still alone. Such is life...
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