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Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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hello all,

I have not posted on here in over 2 years and wanted to share how things have been for me. For those that don't know me i was on here after a 3 year ending of a relationship. Long story short and you can check my previous posts i was with a girl for 3 years and engaged for 6 months out of the 3 years. The relationship was average we had our problems but were very much in love. 1 problem leaded to the next and soon after she ended it. I was so devastated it almost ended my life a few times. She came back with how horrible i was to her and that it was doomed from the begining and we never should have been together...this coming from the same girl that wanted to marry me and said how much in love she was with me. Same with her parents they liked me now they hate me. Its funny to me that during the relationship we had many great times and when it fell apart its like only the bad she remembered and why was she ever with me.

She said she felt different about me and over time she said she just did not love me anymoreis what it all came down to. This is why i dont believe in true love because true love should be forever not a feeling that is here one day gone the next. Anyway the engagement ring she tried to keep and when i tried to get it back she said down the line we will deal with it. I explained to her in great detail that she can not keep it and in time will will have to deal with it. She suggested we sell it and i keep the money. She said she did nto want some other girl to have it so she wanted to sell it in which i understood her thinking.

Here we are 2 1/2 years later and she never atempted to contact me in anyway for the return of the ring. All this time has passed that i have not contacted her and i can't give in now. I will not talk to her or see her in my life time. If i saw her out in about i would run in the opposite direction. As much as i miss her and her family i would never want to be with her again if that makes any sense but its true. Still today i think about her alot and her family. I still have nightmares about her and it has caused me to have a sleeping disorder. I think her holding on to that ring all this time has messed me up. Its like we are still attached or that we will have to see each other again because of that ring and it just messes with my head.

I refuse to contact her for it hoping over time she would be with someone get married and do the right thing but almost 3 years later still no ring. My family says to get it back and have offered to help but i want her to do it on her own without any contact with me. what do i do????? Something needs to happen soon because its just getting longer and longer with passing. She is wrong to keep it and its worth a great amount of money.

please give me feed back but please first read my previous post to understand the whole story.
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