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Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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5th January 2019 until 31st July 2019
William Moderator Moderator
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Quoting a member's post? Read this...

Moderation has been receiving numerous reports each day on excessive quoting of posts, either a quote of a long post for a brief response to one particular passage or repetitive quotes of immediately preceding posts.

Moderation prior has been editing such postings without comment but, lately, the volume has ramped up and further review of threads finds this to be a rampant problem so I'm adding this announcement to make members aware.

1. If quoting another member use the 'quote' button and trim and/or interquote (use quote/UBB code) content as necessary. Refrain from quoting entire posts, especially long ones.

2. Treat threads as conversations. Members cannot edit posts once responded to. Hence, no need to quote the immediately preceding post if responding to it. Use the member's username to preface a response.

3. If directing a response to the thread starter downthread, either quote their content being responded to or reference them, e.g. 'OP" or 'Thread starter', member's username, etc.

4. Do not, repeat, do not intersperse responses within quoted material. Use our interquote function or UBB code. It's easy to do. Why? Anyone responding to the content quotes both original content and response and has to separate out what they're responding to. That's disrespectful of fellow members time and also makes postings difficult to read.

Consider this a directive pursuant to our policy on formatting and quoting which Paul established in his reminder/sanction area. If anyone would like a tutorial on properly quoting posts we'll be happy to provide one in our Questions and Comments area. Post a thread requesting it. Thanks for reading!
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11th January 2016 until 31st January 2020
William Moderator Moderator
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Posts: 4,701 policy on multiple usernames and accounts

Since has long been populated with individuals who use multiple accounts to post here, moderation came up with a unified policy regarding their registration and use which respects the past as well as the prime directive to discuss interpersonal relationships in a collaborative and respectful manner.

They are as follows:

1. No making/using multiple accounts to circumvent moderation or suspension. This applies regardless of type of moderation or suspension. If a post or forum access attempt results in anything other than free access or success, you're moderated or suspended and no method of circumventing that is allowed. This applies regardless of moderation 'points' applied to your account(s).

The *only* exception is where moderation has determined that an account is being auto-moderated by our forum software for unknown reasons and we're working with the member to gain free posting privileges which they should otherwise have. Use of a duplicate account with different registration and access means may be suggested.

2. You are not allowed to use multiple accounts to post on the same thread, regardless of the position of those accounts in the thread.

3. Trolling with duplicate accounts is prohibited. An example would be registering duplicate accounts to post as different genders, races or religions, or posting the same questions/scenarios from different accounts.

4. You must be an established or supporting member to have multiple accounts. This is noted under your username as shown on the forum. If it doesn't say established or supporting, no duplicate accounts are allowed.

5. If you are a previously banned member, you may not have an account...period.

Violation of the policy leaves all accounts subject to ban at moderation's discretion. Conforming content will generally be retained. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.
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