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2 months of lies

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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2 months of lies

I recently met a young lady on facebook, we began talking and eventually what I thought was a serious relationship. Lets just say that I should have paid attention to the red flags.

About 2 weeks after we met she had a class for her work to take about 300 miles away. We planned the trip and we stayed the whole weekend in that town and enjoyed one another. As the weeks went buy she would travel the 50 miles to see me and stay at my apartment. I offered several times to make the trip to her since she has 2 kids to load up. We had met the first few times without the kids. She would make the excuse that it was easier for her since she got off of work at 2pm to drive down and be here at 5pm when i got off, but she wouldnt ket me come to her apartment, RED FLAG #1.

Fast forward to a month later. She was cramping and has missed her period, so she went to urgent care and she "said" that they told her that she was pregnant. At this time I didnt ask for proof b/c I still trusted her that she wouldnt make it up. As the weeks followed I ended up telling my family and she "told" me that she talked to her mom and stepdad and that they wasnt happy about it. About a month after that she said she starts bleeding and clotting really bad. I tell her that WE need to go to urgent care or the emergency room NOW, she declines and tells me that she just talked to her obgyn and there was nothing that they could do, I keep pressing to go and she keeps declining. A week after that she tells me that she miscarried and there was no need to go to the doctor and get proof, I demanded it but she kept declining it, RED FLAG #2.

I finally have enough doubt and find her mother on facebook and ask her if she knew anything about her daughter being pregnant and having a miscarriage, she was in shock and said that she didnt know. I asked her to call me and we talked for about 2 hours and I find out alot of stuff.

First, her exbf didnt move out last year like she said, her mom said he just moved out a month ago and that he stays there during the day and watches his daughter until my now ex gets home then he leaves.

Second, I was referred to as her "friend"

Third, she lied to her parents about the work trip she was taking. She said a girlfriend of hers was going and that she was a grown woman.

Forth, How can you fake a pregnancy and get my hopes up of having a kid, that is just screwed up and put me into an emotional roller coaster.

I know that karma is a b*tch and what goes around comes around. I have been NC since she emailed me thursday morning trying to justify her actions.
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Sounds like she's a real mess (possibly worse than just a mess). Good thing you didn't get any more attached to her. Strongly suggest you stay clear + if she tries to reel you back in, then block her. There's too many other fish in the sea to try to deal with this clearly damaged person.
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On top of all of this she leaves me to grieve alone if it was true. We live an hour from each other and anytime she told me that she was having complications with it I would offer to drive up to be with her but she always told me that nothing could be done about the miscarriage, so I would be home alone worrying about it while she confided in her best friend. She shared more with her friend than she did me about what was going on.
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