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Mutual breakup which i regretted,if things could be different.

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Mutual breakup which i regretted,if things could be different.


Me and my gf of a year broke it off recently, with her citing incompatibility issues, her being. Weary of taking care of me and how she tried her best in this rs. She initially didn’t want to break up despite me suggesting that we go on a short break, as she said the freedom that it will bring about will cause her to go permanently. She didnt want to break up with me as she didnt want to see me sad. She asked to slow down the relationship by delaying our plans to pirchase a house in a month and i agreed.

What i said must have triggered something in her as she asked a few hours later if “i was okay with being friends”. Me not wanting to seem too needy, said that although i wanted to grow old with her , i love her so much that if she wanted me to play the role of a best friend, i would to. She cried alot and eventually she said ok, lets be friends.

It was the worst mistake of my life and i tried to tell her that a few hours later, but her “heart was set”. It has only been half a day since we broke up and barely a day since we last kissed and cuddled. I cried and she wad adamant on not being back in a rs with me.

Fast forward a few days later, i finally accepted the breakup. Yet a question lingers on my mind.

If i had said no to the proposiion of being friends and instead told her the truth, i want to be the one she marries and i would not accept being friends with her. Would she still be my girlfriend?
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No. She has already thought about this long and hard and have decided even before you agreed. As you've said, she didn't want to break up with you because she didn't want to see you sad, not because she wanted to continue being with you and working things out.
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