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Broke up with ex due to distance

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Broke up with ex due to distance

Back in March, I broke up with my ex after she slept with a friend during a break. I was jealous and thought we were trying to work things out (things were better between us.)

She was lonely (we live two hours apart.)

I told her I needed time, and she didn't pressure me. We tried again, but I still wasn't over it and wanted space. She asked if I wanted to try again casually and see other people. I didn't want to see other people and I should've said "no, I don't want that.", but things were still fragile.

She's been seeing someone for a little over a month now. We've been no contact for three weeks.

Comments, criticisms, suggestions?

I offered to come see her, she said "I'll be with my boyfriend then, but if you'd like we could keep in touch."
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She has a new boyfriend, so why you bother visiting ? It will kill you inside man.
Thing was over, delete everything about her and go NC, it's the only option right now.
I gone through a similar situation, it sucks man
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She clearly did not value what u guys shared and had dude.
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Originally Posted by Sm12345 View Post

Comments, criticisms, suggestions?
Clearly, she has or is trying to move on with her life. IMO, time for you to move on as well. Continue NC.

Your relationship was not meant to be. She cheated on you.....with a friend, no doubt! Hopefully, that friend is an "X" friend by now.
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You didn't break up over the distance. 2 hours apart is not an LDR it's merely GUD (Geographically undesirable) However, the distance has not changed & you already proved it's an insurmountable obstacle for you both.

That said, you broke up once, & got back together. You didn't stay together because you couldn't get past the fact that she slept with somebody else while you were allegedly trying to work things out.

She now has a new BF but you are still thinking that you want her back. Why? Things were rocky before. They are worse now & more complicated. You couldn't get past 1 other guy. How do you think you'll get past two? You are way more invested then she is. She has already moved on.

Delete her from all your contact & social media. Focus on healing & getting over her. There's nothing here to save.
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