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where did it go wrong? dumped for no reason and feeling hurt

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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where did it go wrong? dumped for no reason and feeling hurt

I'm going to pour my heart out into this thread so i would appreciate if somebody would take the time to read it and help me out please,

i'm 18 years old and i met my first love about 3 months ago. When i met her she started flirting with me and i really liked her back. So when i got home she added me on facebook and we started talking for a bit, then she gave me her number and we started constantly texting. After about a week of texting eachother she asked me if i wanted to go to the mall with her, so i did. I noticed she was with her brother which was weird and her brothers friend. I didn't think much of it because i liked the girl anyways. When we were at the mall she would put her head on my shoulder and everything so i knew she liked me. Then when i got home she texted me and said she wanted to hold my hand next time i seen her and kiss me.

We started doing phone calls but not often, So after 3 weeks of knowing eachother she said she loved me over the phone, i thought that was kind of weird considering i barely know the girl but i said it back....... The next day she texted me and said that "shes been hurt before and she said im the perfect guy and she doesn't even know what love is anymore but i showed her what love is again. So after reading that i thought "WOW" this girl really likes me and i will give her a chance, i felt bad that shes been hurt before as well so i really did trust her with everything i had.

After that everything was going great! even tho i could only see her once a week for some reason and that she was always with her brother. She would text me and say how "I'm the best thing that ever happened to her" and that "i'm the only thing in her life that makes her happy" and all of that.and she would always say that she misses me alot and that she wants to get drunk because she misses me. That really did make me feel good and i honestly thought she would never ever leave me. After about a month of knowing her i noticed she always liked attention. And she never brought along any friends that were girls, it was always her brother and his friend. I found out that her and her brother were like best friends and that's why she brought him everywhere. I also remember her saying boyfriend was such a foreign word which weirded me out.

So after about a month of knowing each other she started talking dirty, so i just went with it and we ALWAYS talked dirty. Everything was going very well until about after 2 months of dating, i noticed she stopped texting me in the morning and stopped talking dirty and she only texted me a few times a day, always coming up with excuses. I wasn't sure what to feel, so i asked her and she said "sorry love i just haven't been very talkatave lately. After that she didn't text me the whole night and i seen she was on facebook so i thought that was strange.

So about a week after that i went with her to the mall like usually but i noticed she was very cranky around me, almost like she didn't want me around. Then we wen't to her brothers friends house and i know this sounds weird but she wanted me to feel her up, so i did....... After that she wasn't cranky and started kissing me alot and saying how much she loved me. So this was about after 2 months of dating.

So she kept texting me less as usually, nothing changed there. So a week later we made plans to go to a movie, and she texted me in the morning and said she was excited to see me and all that, i asked her if she was losing interest because she hasn't been talking to me as much and she said no, that shes been busy with work. So i felt great that everything was fine. She invited another guy to the movies which i found a bit strange and she was much nicer to him and she didn't hold my hand as much and usually we sit in the back of the theatre but she was snobby when i asked her if she wanted to sit in the back. She knew this guy for a while and its her brothers friend to, so i don't think anything was going on there so i didn't worry.

This was about 2 and a half months after dating, So i went home and she barely texted me that night and the next day she said good morning, then i replied and she didn't text me back for a week. After that week she texted me and said sorry ive been sick and sleepy lately. So i said okay love you! and she it back, so i thought everything was fine. Then i decided not to text her for a week to see if she would notice.

well.... she didn't notice so after that week i texted her and said hey can i call you? and she said i'm doing stuff right now. So i said why does it seem like you're always busy whenever i want to talk to you? and she said look jacob i can't do this, whatever it is anymore. Just like that she brushed me away, she deleted off facebook and skype and its been 3 weeks since we broke up. Did i do anything wrong? i am so confused and hurt and i miss her much and it breaks my heart knowing that she wants nothing to do with me.
I can't even eat anymore, i have dreams about her and i'm always crying.

people say im a good looking guy and girls always call me cute, but i still have self esteem issues, i tried to be a good boyfriend to her and i cared so much about her......
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This is gonna hurt, but we might as well rip the band-aid off:

She's into someone else.

Textbook actions from her, i.e. texting less out of the blue and getting cranky.

The only thing you need to do now is become a ghost to her. This is for you to move on, not to get her back.

Do not get into ANY form of contact.

Also, work on your co-dependency issues. You're young, so work on them now.
Not everyone you lose is a loss. Unless it's me... then you f***ed up.
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Your girlfriend has taken a greater interest in someone else.

There is someone else in the picture, that is the reason her acting completely off.

Now the good news is, if you treated her really well and like a gentlemen, you would probably hear from her at some point, could be a couple of months or a year.

I know you are hurting and you are probably running high on emotions, but as long as you are not in the clear state of mind, I would suggest that you break off all contact with her, that means no texting, no replying, nothing. She has to get the message that she has LOST you. Don't give her reply to anything.

You need to make her work for you, you have done everything in your power to make the relationship better, it's on her to make it right again, I would suggest it's time for you to work on yourself and make yourself a better person and let her do her own thing and don't give in to her replies, which you might get in the future. Let her fix things, let her initate contact, it's all on her to do everything right now.
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