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:(I guess I've been dumped???????

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Old 2nd June 2004, 12:03 PM   #1
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:(I guess I've been dumped???????

I have been dating this guy now off and on for about seven months. About 6 weeks ago something happened that cause him to become unsure. I tried to apologize to him and still got silence. Then about 4 weeks later I got the e-mail below from him. Since then I have not heard from him at all. I've tried to e-mail him (this is how we communicate alot because of our schedules) but have gotten no response. I am really confused as to why he would send this e-mail and then not call or try to contact me in any way. Why would he dump me this way? We were so close? Why would he send this e-mail and then not pursue this?

"I can say that I have been thinking about this wondering why... I do miss you very much and what we have is important to me...... I don't know what it is about "why" that bothers me so much.... but I will say that what you mean to me has been more on my mind lately..... I guess I just needed time to sort things out and rearrange some thoughts... this has given you some time away to, and no doubt you have reflected on this as well.... I do enjoy the time we spend together..... As far as I am concerned I would very much like for it to continue and just move forward from this...I am back on 3-11 this week so I'll give you a call"
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Old 2nd June 2004, 2:30 PM   #2
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Sometimes It is hard to understand why people do the things they do. Maybe he needs time to think things over or has a change of heart. I know it must be hard, but try and not give him that much importance. Let him be for right now and see what happens.
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Old 2nd June 2004, 8:55 PM   #3
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Are you sure he's alive? Well? Not out of town? Hasn't had a computer crash?
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Old 2nd June 2004, 10:35 PM   #4
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It's possible that he's had a change of heart and doesn't know how to articulate it. Or it's possible that he's busy/thinking/offline for whatever reason.

I'd agree with the advice to go on with your life. Try to remember that you had a full life before this man entered it and that your life is still full even with his absence. I had a very similar experience to yours (guy needed space, said we would get together soon to discuss things, e-mailed me to begin arranging same, then dropped off face of earth), so I know how hard it is to remember those things. But what is your alternative?
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Old 3rd June 2004, 1:18 AM   #5
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Gotta love men don't ya?

Perhaps his dryer ate his sock and he has spent all this time searching and searching and when it finds it, he will be back to normal and continue with life. Maybe the aliens have taken him and he signed their two week contract which actually meant six months; four more months and he will be home. Or he was thinking so hard on writing that email that he fried a brain cell is under going surgery for a replacement. When he is out of recovery, you will get the call.

Keep moving on with your life. Perhaps someday he will actually contact you back, and perhaps not. But don't spend too much time in limbo waiting. And if you want to know if he is alive, send him an ecard that sends you a confirmation when he picks it up (at least you will know you don't have to send flowers to a grave site).

I do wish you luck, and I kind of hope he writes to you ... then at least you can tell him how inconsiderate it was to send that email and then drop off the planet earth
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