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My story

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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My story

So I'm new to this website but I needed to get this down,I don't even know,I had relationships in primary you know the ones where you get butterflies in your tummy when they hug you but I think the one that's had the most impact on me was when I started secondary and don't say I'm pathetic and you can't love someone at such a young age because I thought this too but you can....
So I started secondary and I was talking to this boy who also went to my school,we bonded and he told me he liked my friend, the next day I asked my friend if she liked him and she didnt, that night I told him on Facebook she wasnt interested, he then started acting strange, complimenting me,saying now that he thought about it he didn't like her. I actually had liked him all along so I felt really special. A few days later he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes, the next day almost everyone knew and I didn't understand how as I wasn't allowed to change my relationship status on facebook but anyway I was so happy. We sat next to each other in a lot of lessons and we just spoke about everything and we continued to do so on Facebook,the only problem was my friend he liked sat on the other side of me in one particular lesson. Over time not only did we have a good relationship but we became bestfriends, we hugged sometimes and we spoke a lot without it getting awkward, however a month or so into our relationship, he started acting cold and distant, he told me it was because of family problems and I shrugged it off and told him I was always there if he needed me. He stopped talking to me in lessons, the cute texts stopped, the hugs didnt happen and he refused to spend any time with me, I was miserable and felt like I was being clingy,like I was making a big deal out of nothing. A month later he ended things with me, he said I was annoying but he didnt end things himself he got his friend to come up to me,say it,laugh and run off. It was horrible and I think that was the first time I went home and cried over a boy. We still had to sit next to each other in lessons and it was incredibly awkward, he text me and told me he liked my friend all along and he was only with me to make her jealous and soon after that we were at a church service and he called me ugly and fat and said how yellow my teeth were, I spent most of that service in tears hugging my bestfriend and he laughed until his friend told him how out of order what he said was. Ever since this I've made many mistakes trying to please boys all the time so they won't hurt me as much as he did, he texts girls exactly the same things he used to say to me, over a year on it still hurts and I don't know why, I guess he might've been my first love :/
Needed to get all of this down,never had the chance to before

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My dr that boy is the biggest loser I have ever heard of and u shld not for any reason boder urself with such a fool am a man and no reasonable human being will treat someone like u say he has treated u, he is just not worth anything and u will see that he will be a failure in life if he doesn't change so if dat is the kind of person u want to waste ur emotns on then go ahead but I tell u as a man he is worthless
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