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Now that she dosn't need me she has stopped loving me

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Now that she dosn't need me she has stopped loving me

So this may be kind of stupid and I wasn't sure where to post because I'm new here but here I go. So I have known this girl for about a year (she was my best mates ex) but for the past 3 months we have been getting really close. We speak every minute of every day, she tells me how much she loves me and how I'm the only person that has made her more happy then her ex, I say things like that in return and it lead to me falling in love with this girl. She's all I can think about and all I want to think about, when I see her I get a burst of happiness the problem is I wasn't sure if we were ready for an official relationship so I waited until this week to ask her but I never got my chance.
I need to put back story here I think, so this girl has been broken up with her ex for a year now but she isn't over him she had major depression after there break up and well I don't want to add any more but about 3 months ago the day we started been close was the day I had convinced her to cut her ex out of her life and move on and she has been so thankful and happy I did that but 5 days ago they had an hour long talk in person with just those 2. Now it's been five days since her conversation in that time she has told me that me and her speak to much, that she thinks I have changed, she said I shouldn't help her with her ex, she has barley been replying to my text and when she dose there usually one or two word answers and worse of all we used to say I love you every night now she has stopped saying I love you too she just says good night.
I'm so in love with this girl I have never met someone that has made me so happy and so sad I'm not scared of losing her to her ex because he's one of my best friends and dose not give a **** about her and would never ever date her again that been said she still thinks she has a chance.So my problem is I'm not sure what i can do to get her to love me again. I feel like the past 3 months have just been a lie and that i have been used to make her ex jealous but then i think back to the night where she was crying because i had to go away for a week and she was going to miss me and i think maybe she did love me. I just don't know what i can do any more all my friends tell me she is a bitch and i should tell her to **** off but I love her to much to do that.

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