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Dealing with Narcissist ex boyfriend

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Question Dealing with Narcissist ex boyfriend

Help. I broke up with narcissist ex boyfriend a month ago. I did deliver a verbal tirade a week later and he went to the police and claimed I called him names and hit him with a rock. The police told me to stay away from him, but did not beleive him. (We live in the same building). That was a month ago. Last week, his motorcycle was stolen and the police called me. They told me his story was "fishy" and asked me "what is wrong with this guy." I gave them some details...i.e. his sense of entitlement etc. and the tell tale lies he told them and some of his other bizzare behaviors. The police officer was very nice and told me if I saw the motorcycle I should give them a call. I cannot believe the lies this guy told the police. He is really crazy. Here is my question, he has tried to harm me using the police without success. He gave my daughter a computer last year which I suspect he stole from his job...he is a civil servant and he really cannot take the computers....should I report him or just forget about this and move on. This guy lives in my building too!!!!
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I wouldn't bother getting involved with the computer issue. It just keeps him in your life one way or another.

Stay away from this guy, ignore any calls, move if you have to. Sounds really unstable to me.
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My EX husband has narcissistic traits...and no, i wouldnt say a word. If you suspect, then you are just as guilty to be in possession of stolen goods. I would get it out of your house tho. maybe at a sisters or parents house, and if he comes looking for it from you, because he tells stories on how you MADE him steal it for your daughter, I would say i dont know what he is talking about..ive never seen a pc here.

Narcissistic ppl do everything for them. They thrieve on attention. They need a supply to live and function. You telling anyone about this PC is giving him what he wants..attention. Leave it be..dont say a dumb.

This guy will devalue you and then discard you when it is of his chosing. Your hope is that he finds another supply soon, then you will be discarded like yesterdays news. Until then, he will demand attention from you, even arguements give them a high. Any attention, good or bad, they live for. The best way to deal with a narcissistic person is ignore them. They hate to be ignored. Dont talk to him, dont answer his calls, dont email him back..nothing. He is only trying to get attention from you, get you to let your guard down, so he can attempt to control you again and again.

IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE. Dont say a word about the PC..he will love the attention, besides , you dont want to get into trouble either.

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