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odd situation with girl I'm dating

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Old 9th November 2017, 8:20 PM   #1
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odd situation with girl I'm dating

To give some background, I've been going out with this girl a little over a month. We usually hang out/go on dates a few times a week. We are both 30, she lives with a roommate, and I live by myself.

Here's the situation...I'm ALWAYS the one driving to see her (she lives about 35-40 minutes away). Anytime I come up with an idea out my direction she always acts totally uninterested and comes up with ideas of things to do out her way, or she tells me to come over and sleep at her place for the night. Weird thing is, her parents don't live too far from me (10 minutes), and when she does go to see them and I offer for her to come over after, or do anything near me, she doesn't seem to want to...ever.

Literally the past 15 times I've seen her (possibly more), it's always been out her direction...she's never seen my place, and again, even when she is out this way she doesn't seem to want to.

I find this behavior very weird. I feel like there is maybe someone else in the picture she doesn't want to run into? Not really sure how I should handle it or if I'm thinking too much into it...all I know is I'm racking up so many miles, and I feel like I'm not home half my days off because I'm always out her way. I just feel like it should be a little more equal as far as effort goes..

She always says, "I'm so sorry for making you drive to see me, I'll come your way next time" but she never does. Ugh

She knows I'm getting annoyed but it doesn't seem to phase her. Overall we have a great time together-although she did tell me a week or two she isn't sure what she wants, but I feel like that might have passed. Just find it odd when she's out my direction (within even a mile or two) she won't even stop to see me. It's like she's totally avoiding being in this area with me or avoiding my apartment (and yes we've slept together).

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Wait.... You have been dating for a month but have gotten together 15 times?

I agree it sounds weird that she makes no attempt to go to your place. Add the "I don't know what I want right now" I would say her interest is pretty low.

Don't be surprised if she bails when someone else comes along.
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You're clearly more interested than she is. Why would she invest time/energy/$ to come when it's just a temporary distraction until she finds whatever she's looking for. That would not be efficient on her part when you come to her

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I'd just straight up ask her about it. Seems weird to me. Maybe there is something else behind it.

Like just out of curiosity not wanting to see your place even once is unusual.

If it doesn't change I would move on. She seems to be making no effort
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