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WTF is wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Hey guys.

Well, I guess letting go isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I was a bit nervous about seeing my roomie for the first time since the whole spilling my guts/rejection thing.

It wasn't that hard actually, I was determined to maintain my integrity and keep my promise to her and myself not to change how I acted. I bought another super sized chocolate bar (this is funny) which somehow again disappeared last night, watched TV, then went to bed. Roomie came home a bit later (man she was loud, opening and closing doors, cabinets, and at one point in time it sounded like she was rearranging the furniture). I bumped into her this morning as I was making my coffee. It was fine, we exchanged pleasantries and that was that. I realized that I will always care for her, but since the romantic feelings weren't that big to begin with, it was easier to squish them than I thought it would be.

So I guess life is truly back to normal. I think it's even better than normal, now that the air is clear, I feel so much happier, playful and lighthearted (strange for a guy that has just been rejected), it's like there is a huge burden off of my shoulders. I've also really started taking notice of all the other women around me.

God is faithful, if we are brave. I went on match and started actively e-mailing profiles that I found interesting. Met a lady not too far from me, 28, 5'8", Christian, a choir singer (I adore a woman who can sing, who doesn't), is studying to be a veterinarian, and is Korean (it's all about the food ....mmmmm marinated short ribs with pickled veggies on the side). In short a woman that, on the surface appears to have all the qualities I am looking for. Sense of humor, intelligence, love for God, and furry creatures. Being tall is good too, as I am 6' and I hate having to bend way down to kiss short girls . We exchanged like 4 e-mails last night , so lets see where this goes.

So everyone, I guess this chapter in my life is closed and thusly we move on in life. You all have been great, and I am now helplessly addicted to ls.
"But the Krell forgot one thing, John. Monsters! Monsters from the id!" -Forbidden Planet 1956
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I would be pissed that my chocolate bars keep disappearing. But then again I'm a chick and you don't want to eat my chocolate. I hide it in the medicine cabinet.
be a queen, don't be a drag.
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