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Can opposite sexs just be friends?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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I will be really interested to hear how this turns out Pada.

Wish my gf was as open and cool with her friends of the opposite sex.

I am awaiting further developments with a little trepidation.

Keep us posted please.
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can men and women be just friends

Originally Posted by padameckla
I am wondering what people think about men and women being just friends?
Do you think it is possible to just be friends?
Do you think there is always an attraction between the two or one for the other?
If your SO had friends mostly of the opposite sex would it bother you?

I have heard that men and women can never JUST be friends. One or the other wishes they could actually have that person as more..

Do you believe this?

I have been told to be careful with men who say they have mostly female friends.
Is there a alterier motive in those relationships?


I did a course recently and studied with a lady much older than myself out of class at her place.
I can feel the tension around her, as im always aroused.
we are going out for lunch next weekend to celebrate our passing but when we were studying i couldnt help being close to her and just touching her with my leg against her leg, or my hand touching her hand when writing.
Even though she is nearly 20 years older i feel a little bit bad, as i know it could end up in the bedroom with no real relationship possible. i dont want to hurt her as she is really nice lady.
im confused, but what the hell you only live once, so im just going to enjoy the lunch and see what desert i may get.
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I can honestly say that I have more female friends than male friends. My 2 BEST FRIENDS are female. I feel that females are more open, honest and caring and I have found that unconditional friendship with females that I never seem to find with guys. Have I ever been attracted physically to a female friend? Yes, I have. For the most part, you just learn to seperate yourself, because you don't want to ruin the friendship you have. But think about it this way, isn't it better to be friends first before you enter into a physical relationship? I would think so.
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I think that men and women can be just friends, but I think they have to have decided to be just friends. I don't really think you can go backwards in a relationship, so I don't think that once you have had a sexual relationship that you can be just friends. My BF has female friends, and I'm fine with them, but I'm not cool with all of his exes sniffing around. It could just be them in particular, but I get a really uncomfortable feeling about it. I also think that when a female friend calls too much, or text messages too much, they aren't just friends.
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The important thing to make sure with male-female friendships is to get feelings out in the open, especially at the beginning.

In another post, I have stated I have three fairly close friends that are women. There are no feelings of attraction on either side...and I had with each one of them a frank, honest discussion about feelings. This way, all was in the open and we could decide what to do with them from there.
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men and women can most deffinatly be " just " friends if thats what they want.
ive got a few best friends and most of them happen to be guys..
one of my truely amazing friends is a guy and theres nothing there except love for friendship..
you know..
i can always tell if a mans my friend or not cause when i talk to him he just looks at my boobs but with my mates they dont.. we just all get along fine..
its abit far fetched saying men an women cant be friends they definatly can cause im living proof..
x lisa x
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no can pretend all you want, but it's impossible...
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Originally Posted by jpcarroll
no can pretend all you want, but it's impossible...
Right....just because men and woman are opposite sexes, it is impossible to have just a friendship with them because all that we should be doing with them is f*cking them.
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