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Meeting childhood best friend after 10+ years (long)

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Meeting childhood best friend after 10+ years (long)

Hello everyone, this is my first post in these forums. I want to thank anyone who reads and/or replies in advance for your time and help. By the way, I am a 23 year old guy, and my childhood friend is a girl.

So, here's the thing. When I was about 8 years old I used to frequent a local pool with my mom and my sister during the summer. One day, I saw two girls playing. They looked like they were having lots of fun, so I approached them and asked them if I could play too. Turns out they were sisters, and we got along really well, particularly me and the younger sister who was my same age. From that day on, our moms became friends, and we met up literally every day of that summer. The younger sister, lets call her Emily, became my best friend. We were inseparable, spending entire days together. She invited me over to her house, and I would invite her over. We would hang out in each others rooms, play video games, talk about all kinds of stuff, etc. This went on for about three years, until a number of circumstances made us lose touch.

After that, I thought about contacting her many times, but since by the time Facebook was invented I had forgotten her surname, I found it really hard to locate her.

Earlier this year I finally got out of a relationship with a really possessive girl, and I really started enjoying my new found freedom. Then, about a week ago, I remembered about Emily, and decided that it would be a good time to finally find her. This time, after scrolling through a million different Emily's, I finally found her.

And boy, is she pretty. Funnily enough, we never really had feelings for each other (at least I didn't) even though I did consider her pretty. But she is PRETTY now.

So I sent her a friend request. At first she didn't recognize me, so she didn't outright accept, but after I told her who I was, she became really happy and excited, even telling her mom and her sister that I had contacted her again, and they in turn asked me to say hi to my mom and sister from their part. Then we started talking about all the stuff that we remembered, both acknowledging that we had been best friends and we didn't really understand why we hadn't kept in touch. We also felt that neither had changed much.

After a bit, I teased her about some boy she used to like back then, and after laughing it off she asked me whether I had a girlfriend. I said no, and asked her the same question. Turns out that just last year she had ended a 7 year relationship (she is 24, do the math) and so she has been focusing on herself, much like I am doing right now. Apparently, said relationship wasn't great, the guy was really possessive, everyone around her told her he wasn't good for her but she didn't listen, and when they finally broke up, a month later the guy already had a new girlfriend (a girl he had literally met 3 months ago, 2 of those months while he still was with my friend). Needless to say, she is hurt to this day, though she no longer has any feelings for him and hasn't spoken to him in months).

Finally, she told me that she is going on an academic trip till October, and told me that after she got back she would love to get together. Obviously, I eagerly agreed.

So, you can imagine what I'm thinking. Here is Emily, a seriously pretty girl (my respects to puberty). Both of us single, a boy and a girl who used to be best friends, whose family's were really close, now finding each other single (did I say we were both single?) as young adults. Need I say more?

In my mind, I obviously feel that there is a lot of potential here. At the very least, I am VERY open to the possibility of something happening between us. I can't help but think that the whole thing feels kinda romantic, like the setup for your typical romance movie plot.

But, let's be realistic. I know it is far too soon to speak about such things. However, at least on my part, I am very excited, nervous and a little bit day-dreamy (ok, very day-dreamy, but I've always been like that, I know its super immature and means nothing, but I just can't really control my thoughts, I'm a romantic).

My question is: If you were Emily, would you feel excited, nervous? Would you be aware of the romantic undertones of the whole situation? Am I crazy for feeling that there is potential here? I mean, I'm already hitting the gym, planning on making the best first impression possible. You think she would kinda be in the same page?

Again, thank you all for reading this, for your time and replies. Hope to hear from y'all!
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There is potential there. But please don't overthink this or make any assumptions. Just go out, have fun and talk about old times, but also find out what she's doing now. People do change, but at least you have a common background. Good luck!
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Yes, Emily is definitely interested and excited at the prospect. Let's hope she doesn't meet anyone between now and October! Good luck!
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Old 21st August 2017, 9:22 PM   #4
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Thank you for the quick responses! @preraph Yes, I am trying my best not to overthink it and take it as lightly as possible, because even though there might be potential, I do know that if I get too eager I can blow it. I'm just gonna go with the idea of having as much fun as possible with a friend (with some friendly flirting of course). @CautiouslyOptimistic I honestly think so too! I just want more people's opinions just to make sure I wasn't being overly optimistic hehe. Thank you for you answer!
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Old 23rd August 2017, 10:31 PM   #5
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Well, a little update. We have been chatting for a few days over Facebook, just light friendly talk, mostly jokes and the like. It seemed to go really well, just smooth conversation. Since I started the first 2-3 conversations, I waited two days to see if she took the initiative, and to not seem too eager. She didn't, so I just asked her how her week was going since she said she was going to be working literally every day of this week. She said she was really stressed, so I told her I would ease the stress by making her laugh, which I did. Then I said "mission accomplished! Now go back to work" (as you can see, I'm giving her ample space). Then, about 5-6 hours later, at 6pm, knowing that her shift ends at 7pm, I sent her just one message saying "Just one more hour to go! Almost there!". Then, at about 8:30pm, she got online and after a while I asked her how was her day. After about an hour of her not answering and being online, I said "you must be really tired from today". Out of nowhere, she tells me that she is indeed really tired, and after apologizing she says that we should wait and talk when she gets back, as she is also busy with planning the trip and work. Of course, I immediately felt that this was the typical "I'm too busy" line girls use, and it really bummed me out, but I kept my cool and just said "Ok Em, don't worry, I understand. See you when you get back!" She then thanked me for understanding, told me to take care and also said that we would see each other when she got back.

At first I felt really bummed out, but now I kinda feel that she was being truly sincere, specially since we've been talking so well and I've given ample space. I don't know what to think...I would really like to know your opinion on this one. Once again, much appreciated!
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She's not going to be someone who wants to text back and forth during weekdays, I can tell you that now. So when she gets back, if she contacts you and lets you know she's back, ask her out immediately. If she doesn't even contact you to let you know she's back or at least initiate a text while she's gone, which I do not think she will, per her conversation, then she isn't really eager. Good luck.
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