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Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Originally Posted by 1437 View Post
do you guys think that lap dances are gross? especially when my ex boyfriend does it to my best friend???
Gross? He's your EX. You have NO claim on him anymore. And if they posted it on FB, it is clearly a joke! And quite frankly, none of your business.
If your friend wants to be his friend, or even date him, it's NOT your business.
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Like it or not, its common to hold our friends and people in our lives to a different standard. This guy falls in the former friends category and in my book would be ousted quickly as a "known" person in my current life. His actions are his to deal with, you are just taking at FACE value what was written, it may or may not have transpired as detailed since you were not there. So be it. Close that chapter in your life, is way to short to be caught up in childish behavior even from someone who may be legally an adult....
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