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krista28 23rd September 2017 10:10 PM

Horrible work?
So I work in drug trials and there unfortunately was a man who said he haf a drug reaction.*
This lady or monitor who audits us would not tell let the doctor look into the unblinding of the medication to help the patient...*
Thereafter I did go above my monitors head to do what I had to under the doctors request...*
So after that this lady started making my life a living hell. She started nit picking everything I did.... even called my doctor to complain about me and he was like ??????*

The company I work for was completely behind me. I then asked for a new auditor or monitor...but unfortunately there was nobody else to send at that point.... so they made her neet me and she humiliated me in front of the doctor.... as it turned out the first patient faked a drug reaction... and the second patient we had messed up his electronic diaries.. again nothing I could control.....shes now had the entire project shut down at our office temporarily for false things shes said about us.....*

Has anyone ever met such a terrible person? All my coworkers say... sometimes you will meet someone that is just out to kill you...

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