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Not sure what this is?

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Not sure what this is?

I'm 34, male, 6ft2, healthy weight bmi etc. and no known conditions, i.e.non diabetic etc. I am taking mirtazipine for the last 2 months. I have a close direct relative, father, who has diabetes type 2 (diagnosed in mid 50s).

The last 3 weeks or so now I've woken up in the early morning (range from 230am - 6am) and had this strange but slight sensation that I need to pee. I awake to find I have it and then can't get back to sleep. I'm wide awake. However it definitely isn't a strong, intense, desperate urge but rather just a slight awareness if that makes sense which is why I don't even need to pee so I never actually go straight away and sometimes don't go at all until later in the morning. So it's more of a slight awareness if that makes sense.

What's even more odd is that this never happens at any other time of the day or night. I have no other symptoms, no burning, no pain, normal urine frequency. I'm fine, my usual self at all other times and can go about my normal day, however this is affecting my sleep now. I haven't had an one uninterrupted nights sleep for a while.

I had an urinalysis done two weeks ago which came back normal. I'll go and get my prostate checked but any idea what this could be? I feel if something disturbs your usual sleep pattern then something isn't quite right. Someone did suggest apnea but I'm not sure. I've used an app to record my snoring and it sounds fairly normal. But it would explain why I'm only getting this one symptom at night time
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If you have health insurance - you can get a sleep test. Bring your own pillow and spend a night in a bed with some wires and a mask. While Apena is a major issue - there can be other things they can check with the test - heart and brain functions.

I also assume you have had a full physical with blood work - if not get that done. 34 is not old - but not young either and stuff can start showing up now.

Sleep is so important.
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Originally Posted by introverted1 View Post
I had a look at this and it actually says that remeron is unlikely to cause urinary side effects although it's not impossible
The case discussed was refering to an old man
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