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Posted 6th July 2008 at 3:04 PM by Ally Boo

I hate my job. I can't force myself to even go to it anymore. I don't remember feeling this way until they removed all of the benefits from the job. It still burns me up that they said, "Oh, just get on your husband's or someone else's insurance." Thanks- if I had that option, I wouldn't be paying $200 a month plus for your's.

I've been close to having another job. In fact, I was offered and accepted one- two even if you count working for my friend Samantha. Sam's always worried about not pulling in enough money to pay me and the other place is "waiting on my file."

The idea of sitting there for 13 hours and answering the phone doing tech support, is one that I can't force myself to do.

I HAVE to find something else and fast.
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