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how old is too old?

How old is too old?

If someone is browsing through old threads, and they come across one they feel is interesting and they woudl like to re-open the discussion, is this possible?
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I think it's ok if the issue wasn't resolved, especially if it isn't locked. And if it's the past few months. I mean if it has been years, probably no point,lol.
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You can contact the mods through the ''Alert us'' button but you have got to have a good reason for it to be re-opened. Generally the ''Off topic'' discussions can be resurrected.

Threads automatically closes after 2 months (last reply).
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Threads close after 60 days of inactivity. After that happens it can only be opened by an update from the OP or a bump from moderation.

We usually leave abandoned threads closed unless they are on a general topic (such as the Gun Control thread I reopened the other day.)

General topic threads can be reopened by request via the "ALERT US" button. ~T
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