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Referring to content in past threads?

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Referring to content in past threads? guidelines of interaction state that members shall discuss topics in their current context, though opinions may be formed regarding the topic starter based upon past postings.

Moderation has had guidance in this area published for a few years in our Infidelity areas, since those areas seem to be the most common location of members ignoring this guideline. Link to thread:

Am I posting in the right forum? Read here![Update July 30, 2013]

For clarity, if wishing to offer opinion about or ask questions related to relevant content of past threads or posts from a thread starter, this is the policy.

1. Review the content for relevance to the current topic of discussion and make sure it is relevant.

2. Quote the content directly using our quote function, preferably the function which automatically links to the content.

3. Link to the content, either through the quote function or with a link to the thread the content is published in.

This ensures accuracy of content, directs readers to that content and provides easy verification of the content.

If this sounds like too much work, that's fine. If so, then the site owner's default guideline controls. Discuss the current topic and the past is irrelevant and shall not be discussed.

Thanks for reading!
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