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breadcrumbs :/

Coping Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

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breadcrumbs :/

I have gone no contact with ex girlfriend who left me for someone else almost 4 months ago.

I have had sporadic contact since, she would reach out every few weeks, but this last month the contact has dramatically increased. I have always replied, with short replies and indifference.

Anyway as the contact has increased so has the "breadcrumbs" she has come out with saying that she miss's me. And told me how sorry she is, which is the first time since she left.

I of course replied back saying i missed her too, and it seems she has now got what she wanted and disappeared again....

I now feel used as her emotional support, i feel so stupid, i thought she might be having some kind of change of heart, but looks like she was just getting bored and wanted some reassurance i was still their in the back ground.

I'm not going to lie, this has set me back quite a bit in my healing. And i now feel pretty down about things and its all fresh back in my mind.
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You nailed it when you assumed she got in touch for the wrong reasons. Perhaps she was bored. Perhaps she had a fight with the new boyfriend. In any case, her breadcrumbs didn't mean what you hoped they did.

It's time to block her, if you haven't already. I'm sorry you're dealing with the pain all over again.
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You only feel " stupid" and " used" because for the past 4 months, this is the outcome you expected, that she will come running back, if you did start to heal, acceptance would be part of it, the fact that you will never hear from her again.

No blame games, what you feel is normal because you still hope for her to come running back, I only learnt the term "breadcrumbs " from this forum, but if my ex gf were to write me today, I will have absolutely nothing to say, no anger, absolutely nothing, not to talk about " I miss you too".

She came for what she wanted and clearly got it, time to block her and begin the real " healing "
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